Ep 11 Out Of Sight

Jim Sessions, Shane Gerhardt

Hunt: Bighorn Sheep/Antelope

Ep 10 Bear Management

John Porter, Joe Cunningham

Hunt: Black Bear

Ep 9 Seven Eleven

Dan Adler

Hunt: Elk

Ep 8 Guide To Rolling Stones

Bryan Martin

Hunt: Stone Sheep

Ep 7 The Predator Toll

Jim Sessions

Hunt: Shiras Moose/Antelope

Ep 6 Yukon Times Two

John Porter

Hunt: Stone Sheep/Moose

Ep 5 Tennessee Massacre

Kevin Norman, Daryl Peterson

Hunt: Muzzleloader/Shotgun Whitetail

Ep 4 Double Double

Joel Proffit

Hunt: Rocky Mountain Elk

Ep 3 Yukon Courage

John Porter

Hunt: Stone Sheep

Ep 2 Miracle Mile

Nate Vance

Hunt: Antelope

Ep 1 Bear Necessities

Latt Durrance

Hunt: Grizzly Bear/Black Bear

Ep 16 Christmas Highlights

BOTW Field Hosts

Hunt: Best of...

Ep 15 Public/Private Service

Latt Durrance, Dan Adler

Hunt: Elk/Mule Deer

Ep 14 Asian Adventure

Tyler Saunders

Hunt: Ibex/Marco Polo

Ep 13 Huskemaw Challenge

Huskemaw Optics

Hunt: Long Range Competition

Ep 12 Soldiers Tribute

Dan Adler

Hunt: African Safari/Mule Deer

Ep 11 Father's Tribute

Nick Conti

Hunt: Bighorn Sheep/Black Bear

Ep 10 Greatest Hits

BOTW Field Hosts

Hunt: Greatest Hits

Ep 9 Predator Wilderness

Tyler Saunders, John Porter

Hunt: Coyote/Gray Wolf

Ep 8 Sign The Guestbook

Troy & Linda Sessions

Hunt: Alaskan Black Bear

Ep 7 Murphy's Alaska

Troy Sessions, Latt Durrance

Hunt: Alaskan Moose

Ep 6 Canuck Bears

John Porter

Hunt: Canadian Black Bear

Ep 5 Jimmy's Elk

Joe Cunningham

Hunt: Elk

Ep 4 Wyoming Trifecta

John Porter

Hunt: Bighorn Sheep/Mtn Goat/Moose

Ep 13 Show Of Hands

Gray Thornton

Hunt: Conservation of Bighorns

Ep 12 Payin Dues/Hunt Coues

John Porter

Hunt: Coues Deer

Ep 11 Mounting Memories

Tyler Saunders, Terence Knudsen

Hunt: Ibex

Ep 10 Dark Horns Of Senora

Ray Bori

Hunt: Rifle Mule Deer

Ep 9 Texas Tines Pt 2

Latt Durrance, Joe Cunningham

Hunt: Whitetail

Ep 8 Texas Tines Pt 1

Latt Durrance, Joe Cunningham

Hunt: Whitetail

Ep 7 Wolf Management

Jim Sessions

Hunt: Wolf Trapping

Ep 6 Rocky Mtn. Memories

Jim Sessions

Hunt: Rocky Mountain Bighorn/Goat

Ep 5 Gerhardt's Vengeance

Shane Gerhardt, Dan Adler

Hunt: Mule Deer

Ep 4 Do Or Die

BOTW Pro Staff, John Ibbotson

Hunt: Rocky Mountain Elk

Ep 3 Desert Strife

Latt Durrance

Hunt: Ibex/Desert Bighorn

Ep 2 Cedar Feathers

Tyler Saunders, John Porter

Hunt: Washington Black Bear

Ep 1 3 Wishes

Tyler Saunders

Hunt: Oregon Elk