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FOREVERWILD Member Benefits

Hunt Giveaways

FOREVERWILD Members are eligible for hunt giveaways, throughout the year. All expenses paid, fully guided hunt with some great dudes from our outfitters network! Giveaway includes travel, cost of the hunt, tag and license, even the tip for the guide! Oh yeah, did we mention the hunt will be fully filmed and produced as well!?


FOREVERWILD Members will also be eligible for gear giveaways and discounts from some of the awesome companies we work with. From hunting knives to camo to long range shooting systems, we wanna share the fun and pass it around!

Premium Content

FOREVERWILD Members will have 24/7 access to all of our video content available on any device. Good luck paying attention in that meeting at work and you’re welcome for giving you something to pass the time at the in-laws!


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